Life Update #Ilosttrack: Proverbs 24:17 aka The Impossible Task

I found this verse the other day and pondered on it a bit. I’ve been unnecessarily harsh to as many people as possible for no reason. Well, sometimes it’s an unsettled bitterness that i have yet to forgive someone for, but that’s not the point. What the real point is IS that i am trying to change for the better. Loving everyone, even if i disagree with them, even if they did something to me in the past that possibly might’ve left a permanent scar on my well being, even if i feel they’ve wronged me, even if i didn’t ever enjoy their presence. God’s been putting this so heavily on my heart recently.

Talking crap about others has been so hypocritical of me, especially since i myself have been a victim of teasing in the past. It’s not fun. I have a bruised ego from trying to play “the cool kid’ game for too long and failing to live up to stupid standards. I not only am going to try to love everyone i come across these next few weeks, but i want to like them as well.

I’m tired of being the bitter type who shuts out everyone. I want to have my arms stretched out into an embracing everyone with their dumb flaws. I wanna be slapped in the face for being nice and then turn the other cheek and let them slap that one too. It’s time to better myself for a new tomorrow. Not only for my own well being, but for the glory of my God, the great Jehovah, who showed me this kind of love first.

So i no longer wish my enemies to burn in hell, but i instead offer them a loving outreached arm. If you’ve ever said sorry to me and i’ve treated you like crap anyway, let me say i myself am sorry and i forgive you. If you read this and feel we have a broken off connection, please tell me. I want to fix any wrongs we have between us.

God Bless you all. :)