SamBo’s Crappy Poetry #1: The Dreamscape

Notice: These verses belong to Tumblr user Coolbutlame aka Sam Hodge. If this message is gone after being reblogged, I will know this is stolen.

There’s a world beyond ours that is quite far away

but arriving at its gate is simple.

The effects it has can ramble up your psyche

or bring a smile to your dimples.

Just go to sleep and it will seem

that you’ve just entered into the dream

A dream is something of the mind

or maybe there’s something more

that takes you out of reality

and make the unconscious unbored.

Take up your steps and you will find

these dreams are more than a trick of the mind

The hopeless romantic will dream his loves

and sweeping them all of their feet.

A thing the man couldn’t do out this realm

makes his visions of courtship unbeat.

And maybe someday he’ll get the courage

to get the girl and finally flourish.

The guilty man is not so lucky

for his acts follow him to the gates.

His conscience never rests in the night

for the powers of justice don’t wait.

So if he doesn’t die of his unworthy causes

he may come to change, trade bad for applauses.

The little girl will hold on to her horsey,

pretending to ride with the wind.

Her dreamscape’s impressive for one of her age:

a prairie that never shall end.

Escaping her pains with the dreams that she has

may give her the joy to deal with the crass.

The king on his throne will think something different, 

for the simple is what he will yearn.

Walking on the streets with no recognition

is the best treasure he’d want to earn.

He prefers to escape this affairs of the day

by going to the realm where things go his way.

Even the working man has his need

to add some color to gray.

A wonderland of endless beauty.

No drugs will get in his way.

And maybe if he kicks the addiction he’ll know

then the colors he saw will fountain and flow

Maybe the most wonderful dreams of all

come from the baby asleep.

The confusing visions go through his head

and yet, he will not make a peep.

So next time he wakes for the food he craves

he’ll eat then sleep: back to the land of babes.

The world of sleep is a curious thing

and maybe we’ll never quite know

What makes these visions come and live

so that we’re compelled to go.

But one thing’s for sure, and it’s just what it seems

once you go unconscious and enter those dreams.

Life Update #Ilosttrack: Proverbs 24:17 aka The Impossible Task

I found this verse the other day and pondered on it a bit. I’ve been unnecessarily harsh to as many people as possible for no reason. Well, sometimes it’s an unsettled bitterness that i have yet to forgive someone for, but that’s not the point. What the real point is IS that i am trying to change for the better. Loving everyone, even if i disagree with them, even if they did something to me in the past that possibly might’ve left a permanent scar on my well being, even if i feel they’ve wronged me, even if i didn’t ever enjoy their presence. God’s been putting this so heavily on my heart recently.

Talking crap about others has been so hypocritical of me, especially since i myself have been a victim of teasing in the past. It’s not fun. I have a bruised ego from trying to play “the cool kid’ game for too long and failing to live up to stupid standards. I not only am going to try to love everyone i come across these next few weeks, but i want to like them as well.

I’m tired of being the bitter type who shuts out everyone. I want to have my arms stretched out into an embracing everyone with their dumb flaws. I wanna be slapped in the face for being nice and then turn the other cheek and let them slap that one too. It’s time to better myself for a new tomorrow. Not only for my own well being, but for the glory of my God, the great Jehovah, who showed me this kind of love first.

So i no longer wish my enemies to burn in hell, but i instead offer them a loving outreached arm. If you’ve ever said sorry to me and i’ve treated you like crap anyway, let me say i myself am sorry and i forgive you. If you read this and feel we have a broken off connection, please tell me. I want to fix any wrongs we have between us.

God Bless you all. :)