I never had any faith in humanity, but…

Just a thought (and then some)

There’s almost never a decent sized tv show anymore. They’re either milked to death or dropped in a heartbeat. Some massive examples: The Office. It’s had a good run and you’d think after this season they’d close the books (no pun intended), but now they got a god-awful character played by someone who is terrible at comedy. We could just let it die in dignity, but all the producers want is money. That’s one thing I can’t stand. This season had too much going on to stay in Scranton: We said goodbye to Micheal Scott and other bosses, so why not just move to a new branch? You could not only start from scratch, but you could bring back some old characters and put them in the mix. Just don’t milk em out please. An example where this went the other way was Firefly. The show had a great plot, deep characters, and one of the best producers ever. (Joss Whedon forever! Thank god he’s making the avengers movie) But the execs think it’s too expensive, so they clear it off for more Family Guy (which was canceled for being edgy. now they milked that and it sucks). I haven’t seen many shows age gracefully anymore. NCIS is one of the only shows that i’ve enjoyed every single episode of (a rare example of a long series not dead) and some shows that used to be really really good really suck now. All i’ve watched recently are either super ridiculous shows or reruns of the greats. 

This is why I need to be in the media world. I want to help change things up. Shock value is considered the only type of humor, shows run on too long, and it all just seems to be for the money. Why can’t we just have a genuinely good show? You know, one where we can just watch and have everyone happy. What do you guys think about it?